Moving out inventory for the end of the year.
All prices are sales tax included. Most of these we have 2 or more in stock.

Silencerco Hybrid $799
Silencerco Omega $819
Silencerco Osprey 45 $749 with piston
Silencerco Spectre II $325

Liberty Centurion 9mm $749 with recoil booster
Liberty Cosmic 45 $775 with recoil booster
Liberty Freedom 7.62 $749
Liberty Mystic 9mm $725 with recoil booster or FBA
Liberty Patriot 40cal $575 with 40 cal piston and 1/2x28 piston

I also have the Texas Silencer "Hunter" in 7.62 arriving any day now. These are $650 and come with case, pouch/thermal wrap and 2 endcaps, 7.62 and 5.56 $649

Call or email us directly.

Dale Landry
Landry's Guns

Moving to Addis, LA, February of next year. We will be located 6 miles south of the bridge on La1.