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    Soup and BLT Night

    Alright, so last night was a soup and sandwich kinda night. Grilled cheese and BLTs were the sandwiches.
    I could've stood by the stove and fried two pounds of bacon but instead I opted to do it all at once in the oven and I still get the coveted bacon drippings.

    I used the panini griddle thing to make the grilled cheese sandwiches and the soups were leftover potato soup from Friday night and Italian vegetable I made a couple of weeks ago and I froze some for a night just like last night.

    So.........., I was feeling a bit hungry and opted for two BLTs, one on just plain white bread and the other an "Extreme" BLT. Yes, I really did! A double grilled cheese sandwich BLT!

    The Extreme BLT!

    Best eaten while the cheese is still hot and gooey so assembly and eating right after is important.

    The plain white BLT

    Although still delicious that grilled cheese one was really damn good!

    One more, a back shot of the Extreme BLT.

    The one thing I'd do differently with the grilled cheese sandwiches for the Extreme BLT is to use one slice of cheese on those. It was great but just a bit too much cheese.

    Don't forget your guns!!!

    "Good food is like good lovin'!"

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    Looks good.

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    You are bringing back memories with those BLT's. I had an uncle that lived on the Kern river in the redwood forest in CA. When I was in the service I used to go visit and he would make grilled BLT's on homemade sourdough, slab bacon, tomatos, and homegrown avacados. Man I can still taste them!

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    Nicely done.
    Oven bacon is the only way to go.

    And with this cold snap I was hoping we would get to see some fried gumbo !!!

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    Mmmmmmmmm BACON!

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