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    Quote Originally Posted by Saintsfan6 View Post
    I can get on board with this! Although a good trolling is entertaining every now and again...
    Troll under the bridge or troll on the bridge, that is the question.

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    Got it

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    Your board, your rules, but "positive" sounds very Thought Police-y to me. I would suggest constructive or civil to replace positive. Many comments may not be positive, but could certainly be constructive and relevant, in the context of a civilized discussion. I know what you are trying to get at, but the semantics of your statement are literally banning a neutral or negative point of view (that could be expressed without being a jackass, of course).

    Case in point, I don't think I am presenting a positive comment here, but it is completely constructive and relevant to the discussion and I am being civil in the expression of my point of view. (Don't boot me, Austin! )

    I think this really is the premier rule you need, here and IRL....
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    Dammit, I just realized I got pulled into the "old thread reincarnation" loop!!! Clearly, I must not have cared 5 months ago. Well, I spent 10 minutes crafting that post, so I'm leaving it up!

    Vive la résistance!

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    Terms accepted.

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