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    Quote Originally Posted by Vermiform View Post
    My point is that it takes the NRA absolutely zero man power to send out an action alert on this. My point is that they damn well know about this and they are suspiciously silent on it. My question is why?
    I can't answer that. If I had to guess? Maybe it's too early in the session to bring attention to this Bill!?!
    I am trying to get an answer. I know they are not ambivilent to this Bill.
    We must admit. This session is chock full of money issues that WILL affect everyone who lives in this state. And though I have no confidence these clowns will fix anything meaningful that will benefit the citizenry as a whole, I know enough about the corrupt process to believe this issue gets sidelined. So, patience is the necessity at this juncture!
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    Coming from a state where the legislative body curtails 2A rights at every chance, I totally agree with the OP. We must come together and stand on our own two feet locally. The nra is both a political juggernaut and a lightening rod. They play a very careful chess game on the national level. It might more harmful than good at this point to have the nra involved with this issue. I've seen nra email and calling initiatives used as propaganda to dismiss 2a supporter efforts as "robo-calls".
    I don't agree with everything the nra does or states but I recognize it as one of the most powerful and feared lobby groups in washington dc. With that I support them financially and with action.

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