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    Coyote Hunting/Trapping

    I've been asked to clear coyotes from a 60 acre tract of land. It's next to a few thousand acres of timberland where the coyotes are coming from. Supposedly they are decimating the deer population. I camped out there this past Friday night and, yup, coyotes were howling and circling my camp all night. My lab was not pleased.

    I just ordered a starter pack of coyote trapping supplies from F&T It includes:
    1 Pint Coyote Urine w/Spray Top
    1 Pint Reuwsaat All Predator Paste Bait
    1 oz. Dunlap Death Coyote Lure
    1 oz. Dunlap Yote Gland SK Lure

    I've trapped hogs with success but have not tried coyotes. Wanted to see if you guys had any suggestions for bait & lure.

    Other than a few ATV trails, the area is very dense woods with a mix of high ground and wetlands.
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    You might try out some trapping forums. Also the Fur Fish and Game magazine has lots of articles on trapping and ads for trapping supplies with different lures. Also paperback books on coyote trapping. I've seen this magazine at Walmart.

    I've also heard about getting a kitchen sponge and cutting it in half and soaking in bacon grease. The coyotes will eat it and it then blocks the bowels. Not a good idea if you have dogs that run the property unless you want to get rid of those too.
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    I had a co worker trying to trap them, he said that it was very addictive... being that they were super smart and was a tough challenge, I don't remember a whole lot but I do remember he had to boil all his snares and traps in some sort of mixture then coat them with a certain wax for lube that didn't smell and were latex gloves the whole time and transport them in bags ect.... not like my hog trap where I dump a sac of corn and come back in 3 days for sure...

    just thinking out loud here, trail cameras, holes under fences and any where rabbits stay is a good place to start

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