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    What modern day firearms would you consider collectable?

    Hey guys Iv been thinking about this for awhile. What newer firearms would we consider collectable (less then 25 years old). We all have our wish list guns but what will really be worth something later on. I have a vepr in 54r which is now banned. Aside for your vintage stuff what would you consider collectable and a custom $2000 glock is not a collectable firearm lol
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    A few that come to mind such as: Colt Python, Lawman, Trooper, Diamond Back, Detective Special, Series 70 Government 45acp, Smith Mdl 36, 37, 28. Just a few that come to mind at the moment.

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    How modern day are we talking?

    Series 70 9mm 1911
    Colt SP1
    Walther PP, PPK & PPK/s models that are fairly "collectible"
    Mint East German Makarov
    East German Sig Sauers
    Original KelTec Sub-9 (All-Metal precursor to the Sub-2000)
    Sig Sauer P229 Legion
    Sig Sauer 551A1

    It just depends on what you'd consider "Modern Day". About the "newest" collectible I have have is a Glock 17 Gen 1.
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    Gen 1 Glock, HS2000, East German Sig, Italian Beretta 92, East German makarov (if I spelled that right), polytech AK, VEPRs, FN FS2000 ( now discontinued I believe), authentic Styer AUG. there's more but that's just off the top of my head. I would LOVE to have an AUG

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    Speaking of the VEPR, wish I could have gotten my hands on a 12 and 54R. Now they are overpriced, thanks US gov. I thought since we had the executive and majority in house and senate these firearm bans wouldn't happen? Same old .gov IMO.

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    I think of CZs. They make them or have made them at one time or another in just about configuration of steel or aluminum, safety or decocker, rail or no rail, black or stainless finish, compact or fullsize. There's also a few variances in frame shape. Some of the production runs are very short making certain configurations relatively rare. There are a bunch of weird one-off variations that have been produced over the years. The stories behind certain models are interesting. To me that is collectible.

    For example:
    I have a steel-framed, railed, compact with a safety which was recently made, and I think is pretty neat. It's not in their catalog, but it was made available as a contract over-run that someone wanted them to make. It's a great shooter and my current EDC piece. But if it had an aluminum frame...

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    My girl has the Sig Sauer P938 "Special Limited Edition" with the Rainbow slide. Would that be considered collectible since it's a limited special edition?
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    With cars, the ones that everyone wanted, but few could afford, have done well. Look at early vettes.

    The Colt USMC 1911 fits that bill. Maybe the Sig Legion, or some customs. Be prepared for a long wait.

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    AIAW, Barrett 82A1, HK PSG1, Desert Eagle VII in .50ae, and a Ritten Precision .308 with specific pipe wrench teeth marks on the barrel (one of a kind)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ritten View Post
    AIAW, Barrett 82A1, HK PSG1, Desert Eagle VII in .50ae, and a Ritten Precision .308 with specific pipe wrench teeth marks on the barrel (one of a kind)...

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