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    Jean Lafitte gun show this weekend in Mandeville (8/11-8/12)

    Too close to the house not to go. Literally 5 minutes from the home. Anyone else planning on going? If I remember right, admission was $8 at the last on I went to. They have a $1 coupon on their website.

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    Definitely going as I have skipped the last two gunshows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nolaradio View Post
    Went this morning just as they opened. Smaller than the last few shows there. They were sharing the building with a crafts show next door.
    I was looking for some holster options for my Shield 9mm. Found only one vendor selling the cheap nylon holsters and one guy making custom leather holsters. SO I left empty handed. Lots of rifles if you were looking for one. No big ammo vendors. Only ammo I saw was a few vendors that had ammo in addition to other items they were selling.

    Bought $5 worth of raffle tickets from the boy scouts. Maybe I'll win when they do the drawing tomorrow.

    Oh well, like I said in my original post... too close to not go.
    Splitting infinitives again? Dang bro
    Actually was honest on paying stupid state online purchase tax.

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