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    Need advise in vicious dog

    Over at our Texas property (weekend house out in the country), Saturday when I pulled up to the gate a very large German Shepard type dog came around the neighbors house across the highway and charged me. I had not seen this animal before. I was able to get the gate closed before he got to me, and I tried all the usual non-confrontational tactics. When I tried to let him smell my hand through the gate, he kept trying to bite me through the gate. Note that Marion County does not have animal control.

    When my wife got home after dark, I met her at the gate and the dog charged again. I lit him up with the Crimson Trace laser at about 25 feet right in the eyes and he backed off, this was a good thing as another two feet and I would have fired. I called the Sheriff's Office and made a report, they said to shoot the dog if he attacked again. There were no lights on at the neighbors house, they moved in a couple of months ago and I have had no contact with them. They have another dog that has gotten on my property before, a simple "go home" and he trots back home.

    When we tried to leave Sunday, we were again charged by the dog. I again called the SO and a deputy responded. He drove up to the neighbors house but got no response. He suggested I get some industrial strength pepper spray, which I will get, but he also said if the dog does it again to shoot.

    A major concern is if this mutt figures out that, except for the gate, the front of my property only has a couple strands of barbed wire. He could be on my property in a heartbeat. I'd hate like hell for the wife or I to be out in the yard and suddenly we've got a face full of dog. Maybe that's why I strap on the .45 when I go outside, but the wife won't carry.

    I don't know the neighbors name or phone number. Approaching their house is not feasible unless someone has a Sherman tank I can borrow. I have warned the Jefferson Post Office about the dog.

    The last thing I want to do is shoot someone's pet, but I need to protect my wife and myself. Options are:
    1. Pepper spray: my thought is this will be temporary and only aggravate the situation.
    2. Ultrasonic device: not available locally and again likely to only make it worse.
    3. Pellet gun: I can't see where this will be at all helpful.
    4. Paint ball gun: Again, decorating the dog in pretty colors probably won't be helpful.
    5. .45 ACP Hydra-Shock. This will certainly correct the dog, but will cause problems with the neighbor.

    Any suggestions to a peaceful resolution to this conflict?

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    Could you drive up and put a note in the neighbors mailbox? Or drive into their driveway and lay on the horn until someone comes out? I would hate to feud with the new neighbors, but I wouldn't hesitate to put a bullet in the dog after he cops gave me the go ahead.
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    Go buy an air horn like the ones used for boats...It should stop him and turn him around...
    Firecrackers will work also, and if you can get the chasers that have a high whistle to them will be great.

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    Get the baddest pepper spray you can find and hose his ass down . Trust me , it won't aggravate the situation . You'll find out real quick whether shooting him is in order and if so , you can say you tried the non lethal method first .
    I tried being normal once , I didn't like it .

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    SHOOT IT... the next time you may not hear it coming, or be able to stop it before it rips your wife's throat out... or permanently maims a family member or child. Then you can blame yourself for the rest of your life that "someone's pet" killed your wife... or child... when it could have been easily handled. If your neighbors cared about their "pet" (or their own neighbors - YOU!) they would have the dog penned or somehow contained given it's violent nature. You already have two instances documented and the officers told you to shoot it!

    I hate to be so blunt... but this sounds like a news report with SO vehicles in the background with yellow tape where someone is explaining on camera that they "knew the dog was violent but we never really thought he would do anything". Don't be that guy.

    If you must and feel the need to let your neighbors know... BUT believe me, they ALREADY KNOW... (unless the dog already killed them and is now protecting the property as their corpses lay rotting inside the home or just out of your view)... do as mentioned above and put a letter in their mailbox. Maybe paint a larger sign and steak it in their driveway... hell, tie one to an arrow and use THAT to shoot the dog!!

    Buy one of those pepper ball guns... and FREEZE a couple of them... then pop him... when he is disoriented by the non-frozen pepper powder... hit him with three or four of the frozen ones... he will learn eventually.

    "Poor little puppy" doesn't apply here if the dog is vicious.

    Oh, and I am speaking as the owner of FIVE (yes five) dogs... so I am by no means a dog hater... but you have to protect YOUR family. The same as if a wolf or coyote walked out of the woods and came at you.
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    They make a product called " Bear Spray".

    Not very many make it,but it can be found online.Ill ask my buddy where he got ours.
    They say it will stop anything.It runs around $50 or so a can.

    22 mag is a great dog downer...

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    "Life is tough ..... It's even tougher if you're stupid." John Wayne

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    As far as telling the neighbors or anyone else you shot a dog.DONT.
    You have no reason to explain to anyone why or what.I learned the
    the hard way.

    A crazy looking dog came in our yard as my wife was walking our
    little doggys.The crazed dog growled and headed towards my wife,
    teeth showing.She ran inside and told me what she had seen.I
    looked outside through window and sure enough he was just hanging
    out ,wondering around.I proceeded to shew the dog away,,saying
    getttt, get outttttaaa hereee.He never budged,just growled and
    looked crazy.I had never seen the dog before and figured he was
    just an old stray running wild.SO I loaded up the old Benjamin pellet
    gun and pumped 2 times.Shot him directly in his A$$.He ran off.

    I assumed I was done with dogs at that point.Next thing I know,
    a officer shows up at the door.I knew him but he did not recognize
    me,no worries,I like it that way.Anyway he proceeded to tell me about
    the neighbors saying I shot their dog.Well I fig that was the end of it.
    Nope,just the beginning.The animal control showed up next.I was honest
    and told them exactly what happened.Well 3 months later,I had to hire
    one of my buddys to represent me in court.It was dropped later,and I
    never had to actually go to court.But it did take out of my time and $$
    I still had to pay for attorney services rendered.

    Basically my friend told me if I had not of told anyone I shot the dog,
    I would not had any issues.He said I openly admitted to it therefor,they
    took it on themselves(animal control) to file charges.

    SO if you don't want to deal with courts,attorneys and judges,shoot the
    dog if he is viscous and coming at you.Bury his body at least 3-4 ft deep
    and move on with your life.I learned a lot that day and will never ever say
    I shot anything like that again in my life.Too old for that sh*t.

    I know ,it usta be diff back in our day,but now with so many punks in the
    city shooting cats and dogs for the fun of it has made the rest an absolute

    GOOD LUCK!!!!


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    Humph, Bunch of girlie men, You get the dog by his neck and choke him down until hes almost dead.

    You just asserted to the dog your the big kahuna and not to be messed with,

    P.S. I have bitten dogs on the ear and spit in their mouth's before, It dazes and confuses the dog

    You can thank me later!
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    I despise ARFCOM

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    Obviously the consensus is to take it up a notch or two . Forget airhorns and firecrackers . Pain is a great motivator .
    I tried being normal once , I didn't like it .

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