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    Best AR-10 off the shelf?

    Not looking to spend any more than $2000 for an AR-10, but is something I would like to add to my growing firearm collection. I've done a lot of research but still haven't come to a decision. A few to name that I've considered.... Wyndham Weaponry R18FSFST-308 & Aero M5E1. Please feel free to include any tweaks or mods you made if you bought a good off the shelf AR-10.

    I don't want to turn away any opinions/feedback, but I'm not in the market to build one this go round.

    Fire away your suggestions!


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    Well, not really specific on the brand but sticking with a dpms low pro type will allow the most options for rails, etc.

    And stick with something that uses sr25 pattern mags, as the magpul offerings (and iwi, etc) are reasonably priced compared to the other types available.

    This pretty much kills of Armalite, as they use a specific upper and lower and mags.

    At 2k, you should be able to score a nice rifle, optioned as you like, right out of the box.
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    Seekins has some really nice stuff that shoots.

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    POF USA.

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    If I'm spending your money hands down JP LRP 07

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    DPMS G2 would be a fine choice. Most of their parts are interchangeable with ar15s.

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    I love my Armalite, but its mags are proprietary. I suggest DPMS or something similar since you would have more interchangeability. My $.02.

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    The new armalites take sr25 mags. They haven’t been proprietary for three years or so.

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    The armalite Tac-16 is an awesome value for the money.

    Ambi lower
    raptor charging handle
    mbus sights
    adjustable gas block
    keymod rail
    magpul buttstock/pistol grip
    ss barrel

    Can be had for $1600.

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