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Thread: Knife Sharpener

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    Quote Originally Posted by LouisianaJoe View Post
    For a day to day knife to use, it is hard to beat this for the price. My nephew dressed several deer with one like this.
    Just got mine in the other day and love it, looks like I am carrying a steak knife around lol. Like the scandi grand, super easy to keep a good working edge on it. I got a set of cheap stones and was able to get a little better edge on it then it came with. Those Morakniv knifes are what I would recommend to anyone now...
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    Good info here. Does it sharpen the serrated edge as well as a straight?

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    Learned to sharpen knives from a butcher at 14yr old. Always used stones , then went to Lansky, now to Ken Onion for ease @69. Always keep a good steel or ceramic to touch up your knive while using. Also a tip a lot of people donít know. If your in the boonies and need to touch up a blade, roll your window down and backstroke the blade on the glass upper edge. Works wonders.

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