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    Favorite deer rifle caliber?

    My hunting arsenal was designed for hog stalking on public land. So after trying a few options I wound up with my fav hog stalking rifle during small game season... a semi-auto Magnum Research .22 magnum. Absolutely lethal head shot weapon accurate as far as I could typically see with minimal bullet drop. Love that rifle. During Primitive season I used my el-cheapo CVA crack barrel .444 with Prostaff scope. A very lethal shot to virtually anywhere on the hog's body. Then normal Firearms season was my lever-action .444 so I could take more than one hog if the opportunity presented itself. Those are my fav three hunting rifles.

    But now that I'm getting into deer hunting, and hunted a lot this past season, I'd like a new rifle (imagine that!) specifically for taking white tail during normal Firearm season. I missed two shots this year with my .444 at 200 and 225 yards. I've never had range practice over 100 yards, so I've got to get that range time in this off-season. However, that .444 packs too much of a punch for deer hunting. For hog stalking, I want maximum controllable stopping power for relatively close shots (ave 40 yards maybe). That's overkill for deer. I borrowed my son's .270 for a hunt this year and really liked the way it shot. At 100 yards, the .270 brings about as much feet-pounds of energy (2350) as the .444 (2300), but has a reduced kick which has to help with accuracy. Additionally, the ballistics coefficient of the .270 is so much nicer. The .444 drops like a brick in a bucket of cement. Zeroed at 100 yards, the .444 will drop 16 inches at 250 yards compared to 6 inches for the .270. Also, the .444 has the heavy bull barrel whereas my son's .270 is much lighter and easier to swing around in a stand. So, obviously the .270 is a better load for white tail hunting at an average of 100-250 yard shots, but I've not tested other calibers.

    You guys have been doing this a lot longer than I have (presuming you've deer hunted for more than one season), so I wanted to see which calibers you prefer for white tail regular Firearms season at 100-250 yards.

    Then it's time to shop Will also get a nice scope in the $500-$750 range that allows maximum light in. The hogs don't move at dusk and dawn as much as deer, so definitely need to address that as well.

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    30:06---50+years---have used a lot of different guns and calibers over
    the years---always go back to my 03-A3 in 30:06---

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    My choice has been .270 for a while now, but 3 years ago I went to .270wsm and love it. I have taken deer at over 300 yards and yotes at 375 yards. If placed correctly there is no tracking involved and little to no meat loss. I use Nosler Accubonds and shoot a browning xbolt with a Zies scope. The best combination I have ever owned. I do still hunt from time to time with my .270 and when I know my shots will be less than 150 yards sometimes my 30/30 but that .270wsm is awesome. For Primitive I shoot an H and R handi in .35 wheelen.

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    I have a custom built Remington 700 in 7-08 that has taken more deer than any other rifle I own. I am becoming fond of my Contender Carbine in 35 Remington. I built this gun to hunt Louisiana Primitive season. It sports a 20" MGM barrel and is scary accurate. It is a handy and quick handling rig. I hunted most of the past regular season with it. 212 yards was my farthest shot with the 35 Rem on a nice 6 point buck this past season. DRT
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    30/30 .. mostly because of the platform. My grandfather's old Winchester .. awesome old gun. 70+ years old. I feel like he's with me every time out!

    Lock and load!

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    I killed at least a hundred deer with my 280 Remington model 700. I bought the first year the mountain rifle came out. That is my favorite cartridge. Retired it for a 7mm08 Remington model 700. Killed only about 3 deer with it. Got the 7mm08 to cut weight. Then I decided on a all weather lightweight rifle. Went with the Tika T3 ultralight with carbon fiber stock in stainless with ss fluted barrel. They didn't make it in 7mm08 so I went next best they offered. 308 win.

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    .270. Plenty of punch and a flat shooter. Get a Winchester Model 70 and never look back. On the other hand you could go with about 10 other calibers that would work just fine.

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    .257 Weatherby Magnum - Flat shooting, devastating, but expensive
    .308 Win - cheaper, lots of bullet choices

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    If I was going to deer hunt I would look into an AR 300 Blk-Out, Seems there are about 10K load variations out there for it.
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    My favorite is a 260 Remington with a Brux barrel and suppressor. Light recoil and very effective. I, and my granddaughter, also use a 300bo in woods where shot will be less than 200 yards. I have also used 30-06, 7 mag, and various others. Anything from 243 Winchester up with a decent tragectory will be fine.
    Some considerations include how much recoil, length of the action (eg 7mag vs 308 class), diameter of cartridge (7mag only holds 2 or 3 in magazine while 260 holds 4), price and availability of off the shelf ammo, and other potential uses. (Eg - my 260 rem has bullets down to 85 grains for varmint use.)
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