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    S&W Victory Model

    A few weeks ago I stopped off at one of the local pawn shops and saw an old revolver in the case. At first I thought it was a Spanish copy of a Smith due to the grips on the gun. It was priced $199.95 which would have been ok for a Spanish copy if it was in good shape. So I had a look at it. To my supersize it was a Smith. When I looked at the butt my hart almost skipped a beat. I found a S&W Victory Model for less then half the market value. It was missing the lanyard loop and had aftermarket grips, but other then that the gun was in very good shape.
    For those that know me, I always do my best to to get a better price no matter how good the marked price is. I asked for a lower price and was told I could have it for $200 out the door, I countered with $180, they came back with $190. I said sold. Hell, I would have paid the asking price plus the 10.5% sales tax.

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    I had a Lanyard loop that I had picked up a while back when I thought about restoring a Parker Hale reworked Victory Model I picked up.
    So I gave the gun a cleaning and went to looking for an original set of grips.

    I contacted Mr. Dennis Fisher at C D's Clips & Grips and he's shipping me an original set of Victory grips for $39.

    The grips were a little dirty so, I cleaned them up.

    $190 for the gun.
    $20 for the Lanyard loop.
    $39 for the Grips.
    For a total of $249 I have a Victory Model in my collection.

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    Very nice, I'm envious of your luck
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    On Target

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    Great find!
    Nice looking piece of history now.

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    When I was a Navy aircrewman in the 60's we were issued Victory models with tracers as part of our survival equipment. Nice.
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    Great piece of history

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