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    Yall may want to check the regs on Goose conservation season,

    Pretty sure its Bang Bang LouLou time on those birds?
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    Double post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry J View Post
    To be clear, it doesn't mention three shells max for deer, but does say max three shells for rabbit and squirrel.
    I know that if an agent checks your shotgun in the field and finds it to hold more than 3 rounds you are likely getting a citation, if you have a bag full of game on you at the time, the fine/penalty may be more severe.
    As far as type of shotgun, a smooth bore Ithaca deer slayer was used by more than one person at our regular family rabbit hunts to take many rabbits over the years.

    Remember, itís only an issue if you get caught.
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    Be very careful in what is or is not contained in the Louissiana Hunting Pamphlet. If IRC in small print you will find a sentence that indicates that this not a true legal representation of the hunting/fishing laws and more research may be required to be legal as well as what a game warden either on the phone or in the field face to face might say to you. ..................drill sgt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueShamu View Post
    Interesting conversation.

    When I lived in TX, plug was only required for migratory game birds.

    Quail hunting....load her up with whatever she'd take!

    But, I haven't lived in TX since '99.
    same with ohio, plug only required for federally protected species.

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    Only Louisiana and New Jersey require a 3 shot limit on shotguns for all game. All other states only require it for migratory game birds with one or two restricting it for deer only.
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