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    Quote Originally Posted by Hashler View Post
    Henry youth lever action is super fun to shoot. Or find a Remington Nylon 66, that was my first .22 and I still shoot it to this day.
    Nylon 66 is popular with smaller kids due to weight.

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    Redneck with a gun!

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    "Life is tough ..... It's even tougher if you're stupid." John Wayne

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    Donít troll me bro!

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    10/22 would last him a lifetime. Gave all my kids one and they still have them
    Doesnít play well with TROLLS...

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    I despise ARFCOM

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    I have a basic model Ruger 10/22 for sale if you decide to go that route .
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    The 10/22 does give a lot of options.

    Another smaller rifles is the Browning SA-22

    Savage makes a couple of thing that are pretty close to what you want.

    Older Marlin bolts could work with some mods. Older Mossbergs as well.
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    I have a custom 22LR has bull barrel angel fully adjustable stock LOP and comb BX66 trigger brake it takes 10/22 clips also has harris bipod 6x24x50 illuminated. had 25rds or so fired through it if interested let me know it can be adjusted to him forever

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    get a rem 700 in what ever cal you would like him to shoot with a youth stock on it then latter on he can change the stock out for what ever he wants and then when he has a kid he can put his youth stock back on it.
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    On Target

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    Stick with tradition.

    I would suggest for a first rifle, a Browning Auto 22. I know, I know, but think about it. Japan is OK. No scope and no threads. Take down is cool.
    I hope you are there when he hands it to your grand son.
    Maybe next Xmas get him something he can haul around in the woods.

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    do you have this gun for sale if so give me your number or call me
    985 774 7217

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    I really like my M&P 15-22, it is very light and manageable threaded barrel and adjustable stock can also customize it like any AR put an optic on it Etc

    My wife is a purist and has a wood stock 10/22 you could actually trim that stock down a bit to make it a youth stock but it is very short length of pull to begin with

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