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    If you're still looking for a rifle for your son, just get a regular, base 10/22 and buy an At-One Stock from Boyd's. It has adjustable length of pull and adjustable cheek riser. Costs about $185 but will last him nearly a lifetime. And if you want him to have an accurate 10/22, get the At-One Stock and add an 18-inch Green Mountain bull barrel (.920). By age 11 he will handling that without a hiccup -- meanwhile, you shoot it too. :-),

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    If you could find one of these it may be just what you are looking for, it is a great size for a young shooter, loading singly is very easy just drop in the mag area and close the bolt. I picked one up on a closeout a few years ago. A google search on the below description should get you information.

    Remington 80808 514 Youth Bolt 22 S/L/LR 16.25" 1rd Blk Syn Stk Blued
    REMINGTON FIREARMS Bolt Action Youth

    Pretty sure it is an early model Marlin XT when remington had just taken over.

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    Pick up a 10/22 and cut the stock to size. You can always go to an aftermarket stock after he grows some.
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    We just went thru a similar selection process for our 11 year old grandson to shoot in 4-H 3-position smallbore. He already had a cricket and I had a ruger 10/22. The cricket was a little too small and the 10/22 too long (length of pull) and the bolt action wasn't working for rapid reloading in a timed event (although the Cricket COULD have worked).

    We went to the 4-H practice and looked at some 15-20 various rifles on the line, tried a couple of different ones, and finally decided on getting a Magpul Hunter X22 stock for the Ruger 10/22. It comes with buttstock spacers that can be adjusted to just about any length of pull and can grow with the shooter. Also accepts an adjustable comb if needed to fit a scope. I haven't ordered it yet but best deal appears to be from Brownell's with their discount code and free shipping at $120.

    One more positive for the X22 is the removable barrel channel, fits a standard barrel, then flip it over to fit a bull barrel whenever you decide to upgrade.
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    Here are my personal thoughts (worth about ½ a cent).

    I purchased a stainless Crickett for my grandkids to use. They lost interest pretty quickly. I found the rifle too difficult to shoot because I could not get my head low enough to see the sights without canting the rifle. However, I just installed a Crickett picatinny rail and Center Point red dot sight on it. The sight sits about 1.75 inches above the bore centerline and is just right. The combination is a home run. The rifle is light, and very easy to use with the height of the red dot. Perfect….. I am keeping the rifle now.

    I also have S&W 15-22. It has a threaded barrel, is fairly light at a little over five pounds unloaded. The rifle is easy to breakdown for cleaning, has adjustable length of pull, can use many AR-15 accessories, and has the modern looks similar to an ar-15. I think kids will love this rifle. I know I do.

    Lastly, I recently came across a video of a Taurus RS22. This rifle really caught my attention. The price of the rifle is fairly low and it has great looking fiber optic sights. Advertised weight is 4.1 pounds. Looks like a winner to me.

    For backyard plinking, I use Aguila or CCI 22 CB cap rounds. They are very quiet. Several years ago I had my grandson using these and I accidently had a 22 short in with the lot of ammunition. When the 22 short went off, he exclaimed “Wow’ at the power of the round.

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    I had to order the upsize stock adapters for my Ruger American .22 to make it shootable for me. I can’t imagine that it was anything but a youth stock the way it came. Maybe see how one of those fits him. One of the big box stores should let him shoulder one to see.
    I kept the youth stock adapter as new and would gladly donate it if you go that route.
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    I still have that 10/22 I'll let go …
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    I don't think anyone noticed that it's an old thread from back in March. Interesting reads nevertheless.
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    Since it is an old thread... was there an update on what was purchased? Or did i miss it?

    I am looking for my 7yr old. He shoots my savage mark ii fv sr pretty well... so, i am considering getting him the b22 fv sr. And he loves it too. The catch is that he is left handed. The b22 is the only one(savage, that he can grow into) with threaded barrel that comes in lefty.

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