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    Switchblade Ban Repeal

    Quote Originally Posted by mukwah View Post
    Question. I have several nice Italian Stiletto's I would like to carry from time to time. My question is how would one carry these without them being considered "intentionally concealed"? They have no pocket clip so it would have to go in the pocket.

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    That could be considered intentionally concealed. Either carry it with the end sticking out, or get a belt sheath.

    If you where to carry it in your pocket (and I'm not saying you should), you probably wouldn't have any trouble unless you got caught doing something stupid and they tacked that on.
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    Seriously Misunderstood!

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    I EDC a fixed blade! Kind of sort of resembles this one. Under my shirt, in a horizontal Kydex sheath, on my Aegis Ares. Weapon of last resort! I can get to it instantly and discreetly! And it can wreak a lot of havoc and carnage with a deliberate good backhanded swipe!

    Just like my pistol; never leave home without it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SVTFreak View Post
    A good fixed blade is faster opening, easier to get blade out under duress, and much stronger than any auto, if thatís your best option for self defense, for whatever reason.
    And a small guard can help keep your hand from sliding up the blade unintentionally if you hit something hard.

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