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    Fundraiser Pistol Match in Youngsville Wednesday May 2nd!


    Sentry Defense, JPGar, and I are hosting a “Beat Cancer!” fundraiser match at Sentry Defense in Youngsville on Wednesday evening May 2nd. We will start with a Jambalaya feed at 5:00 for all paid shooters then 3-4 stages of indoor fun.

    So far we have the following items donated as giveaways for participants or anyone who simply wants to show up to check out the match and make a donation to a good cause.

    Louisiana Concealed Carry License Class from Sentry Defense
    Defensive Handgun Class from Sentry Defense
    Intro to Defensive Pistol/Tactical Pistol 1 weekend from VATA Group
    $275 Stipple Package from Valhalla Custom Grips
    500 rounds of Independence 5.56 ammo from MCW Guns
    Ben Stoeger’s “Dry Fire Reloaded” and “Skills and Drills Reloaded” training books (30 total)
    Mike Seeklander’s Defense Pistol Training Books and DVD’s (20+)
    Glock Shooting Sports Foundation (Bags, Towels, Cups, etc)
    Other various giveaway goodies….

    The match fee is $50 and will go 100% to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). This is not a typical prize table based on placement. Items will be drawn randomly so a first time shooter may walk away with a prize of up to $400 in value!

    Why are we doing this? My 16 year old daughter is a candidate for the Acadiana LLS chapter “Student of the Year”. For those of you that don’t know, LLS supports research into treatment for all types of blood cancer and supports families who need financial help related to their cancer. Her connection to LLS is me. I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 18 months ago. Treatment has gone well, but the work in finding a cure isn’t finished yet!

    The match is up on practiscore or you can call Shelby at Sentry Defense to register. We are asking people to sign up ASAP so we have an idea for food and drinks. If you are in the firearms business and would like to donate to the prize list please pm me. (The match fee and all donations are tax deductible)


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    Thanks for the reminder I am getting on Practiscore now to sign up.

    Not only is this match for a great cause but the group that shoots here is awesome so it is a double win if you show up.

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    Got the Seeklander Books in this weekend. If you are more into self defense than competitive shooting these will be for you. 20 copies of "Your Defensive Handgun Training Program" to be given away at the match. I have his competition training program and have taken classes from. I really respect what he does. Thanks to Mike for donating to the cause!

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    FYI - Registration link

    All - if you're interested, here's the link to sign up on PS:

    At this week's match, we'll be experimenting with different squadding arrangements so that, on May 2, we can get you in and out quickly so you can enjoy the other festivities - and the jambalaya!

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    This going to be uspsa type match or other?

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    Hopefully, I'll be in from offshore in time to shoot this one. I got in too late to shoot the last one and I go offshore tomorrow morning (so I'll miss tomorrow's as well). I'm already signed up for it.

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    This going to be uspsa type match or other?

    USPSA level 1 match

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    That’s a great idea, wish I could join you but will have a few more weeks in a cast at that time.

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    Great match at Sentry last night. Brought my 16 yr old daughter for her first match. She was a little iffy on going, but wound up having a great time! She achieved the first match goal of not getting a DQ and actually ran the pad most of the night. Afterward she kept telling my how nice everyone was. Thanks to the staff at Sentry and fellow shooters for making this a great place to get into shooting....

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    It was great to see your daughter shooting last night. let her know she did an awesome job shooting/keeping score. You should be proud dad.

    It was another great match last night we had I think 4 or 5 new shooters and I know we did our best to make them feel welcome.

    Just want to say I can't wait for the charity match and hope we hit 50 people. It's gonna make for a long night but it will be worth it.

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