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    Thumbs down HB 702-Grants Special Privileges to Former Members of the Legislature

    Here's one that merits special scrutiny. HB 702 proposes to grant special concealed carry privileges to former members of the Legislature. The concern here is why aren't "all" citizens afforded these same rights? Moreover, giving a special and exclusive right to bear arms to members of the Legislature that isn't available to an ordinary citizen creates a privileged class that is immune from the laws passed by them for others. This always becomes a problem when the legislature creates laws that don't apply to everyone and excludes themselves. I guess what is good for the goose isn't good for the gander. Ordinary citizens shouldn't allow politicians to create for themselves the rights of nobility. The meaning of all men are created equal and are equal under the law no longer applies when all are not equal under the law. Granting special rights to bear arms only to retired legislators makes it easier for the legislature to pass laws for ordinary citizens that restrict the right to keep and bear arms since they, themselves, are immune.
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    Who came up with HB702?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lane View Post
    Who came up with HB702?

    Joseph Bouie, Jr.
    Democrat, District 97
    New Orleans

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    They have been doing something like this every year for the past several years. For at least the past five or six years there is a new bill that allows a certain group of politicians to carry concealed without a license. One year it may be legislators, another year it might be clerks of court, and another year it might be dept of education people, etc.

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    Too special to get it the old-fashioned way? Or too felonious?

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