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    Huge class 3 sale at Landry's Guns

    In an effort to reduce our inventory - especially class 3 - we are dropping prices on everything we have in stock. We are not going out of business, but with my current full time position, it is getting harder to keep even the regular weekend hours.

    So with that in mind, first we are blowing out the Texas Silencer Hunter 308 hunter suppressors.
    stainless and rated for 223-30-06. Comes with multiple endcaps and carry case / cover. Heck, even comes in a beautiful wooden box.

    $450 sales tax included. Great sounding can on 300 blackout and 308.

    I can also sell the Liberty Freedom (same specs as above) for the same price.

    I have 6 Texas Silencer cans and 4 Liberty of this model.

    We can do all paperwork in the store, including fingerprints and photographs, at no additional cost.
    Credit cards accepted at 3% more, but at these prices, you can't pass up this deal.

    Please email us for other prices. Our price sheet on the web is out of date, but will be updated by this weekend.

    Dale Landry
    Landry's Guns

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    All prices sales tax included - all of these are new in box.
    Silencerco Saker ASR $625
    Silencerco Octane 9 $695 with piston
    Silencerco Osprey 45 $695 with piston (2 in stock)
    Gemtech Mist barrels (10/22 silenced barrels) $395

    All Huntertown arms come apart to clean
    Huntertown Arms Guardian 9mm or 45 $295
    Huntertown Arms Chameleon 380 $450
    Huntertown Arms Chameleon 223 $379

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