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    Quote Originally Posted by AustinBR View Post
    Sounds about right. I love how Krav and BJJ don't just hand out black belts like candy. I trained in TKD for 11ish years and "earned" a third degree black belt, yet I'm sure any purple belt in krav would kick my ass in a real fight (weapons exluded). And I have dabbled on the mat with various ranks of BJJ guys and they're just evil.
    Absolutely. My only problem with BJJ is that its awesome one on one, two on one and you're screwed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LACamper View Post
    Absolutely. My only problem with BJJ is that its awesome one on one, two on one and you're screwed.
    More than 1 on 1 is always difficult unless your 2 opponents have zero training or fighting skills.
    In my younger days I went 1 on 1, 2 on 1, 3 on 1 and 4 on 1. After 2 on 1 things get VERY DIFFICULT.
    In a Serious DT Class 50 years ago I knocked one opponent out and sent another one to the hospital with a bruised kidney.
    Now I am old, disabled and try to avoid physical encounters if at all possible.

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    We have a club/group locally which is called "Gal and a Gun". I think they are all over. Look them up on the internet and see if you have a chapter close to you. They welcome young shooters and that would be a great venue for her to start learning how to handle and shoot a gun/pistol. I'm sure they also have self-defense programs tailored for women and small framed people.

    She can still have a shotgun at home! Best deterrent is the "click click" sound. Sends'em running every time.

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    She probably doesn't need 15 or so years of training. Teach her to street fight and carry a #2 Phillips screwdriver. That will deter any abuse.

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    I have been taking classes with BR Krav Maga for 3 years . It's a great group of instructors and students , with 3 instructors having black belts . Two are also full time officers and bring a real world view to the classes . One thing I notice in the classes is the girls tend to partner up . It's fine at first . However after she gets familiar with the moves and such I suggest working with the bigger guys . It's not going to be a 100lb girl that tries to abduct someone , and if you can fight off a 300lb dude you are well on your way . I'm often used by instructors as a worse case scenario during grabs , not all moves work on every one . And despite what lots of people say , size and strength mean a whole lot .

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    SICA Krava Maga in Gonzales is the way to go. Great “kids” program and overall self defense instruction.

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    After a lifetime of training various martial arts, Krav, Kickboxing, Structured Karate in many disciplines, Kaji, Currently BJJ more for the health benefits, Esckrima, Sambo, and many gun courses. I have come to realize that developing a defensive mindset, and conquering fears are far more effective at not making yourself a victim. If you go out into the general public with the mindset of I am going to be aware of my surroundings, and with full awareness that there are mean people in the world, you have just eliminated a large percentage of the so called chance encounters, where a bad guy is looking for an easy target.

    If you watch videos of people being robbed at ATM's or anything else. You will see the common thread is, that the victim gets into a hurry, or gets a nervous look, and will not make eye contact with an aggressor. Many other situations play into this as well. Martial arts are great to build confidence, and to conquer fears, or to get yourself into shape, and exercise muscle groups that do not get worked on at the gym. It will help you to understand how to control distance, and flee or get away from a bad situation, but there is not one snake oil martial art. Krav, and Kaji are great for dealing with multi attackers, BJJ is great for one on one work. None are going to give a 100lb woman a huge advantage over a much larger or stronger individual. At best they will provide you with the tools to get yourself out of a bad situation, and in a position to get away.

    I still train 3 days a week, but awareness is still a much larger deterrent than 30 years of training. No one knows how much training you have, but they immediately see awareness, confidence, posture, and your mannerisms. Never believe anyone when they tell you their martial art will allow an average 100 pounder to beat a much larger stronger opponent, especially under duress, absent years of training. The largest impact a person can have is to measure the risk involved in the places, and things you expose yourself to, and be mindful of the events going on around you. Listen to your gut, and if you get bad vibes, Leave. Don't play a victim.

    I am not saying don't seek out training, because it is never too early to start training. Training is good for the mind and body alike. It is not however the end all be all, or immediately the most effective.

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    Gracie united bjj. Jiu jitsu is the way to go. We have 13 yr old girls been training since they were 5 that can take a grown man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stacy View Post
    Hi all,
    My daughter isn't old enough to carry a gun on her when she's out (age 16). Does anyone have any recommendations for a good self defense course in the BTR / Prairieville area for her to attend?

    Thank you so much
    Prairieville, LA
    As the father of a daughter who just turned 21, and lives 2 states away, I can relate to your concerns, so I have two recommendations:
    #1 If you are considering CCW or just handgun defense for her when she is of age, get her to a range like Precision Arms in BR or Nick's in Garyville where the young lady can actually shoot a variety of handguns to find what best works for her, caliber-wise. You want the highest caliber she can safely and comfortably handle for self-defense and carry.

    #2 Krav Maga. There is a location in Gonzales at Felix's gym (ph#: 225-366-9018) . I have no affiliation with them, don't even know the company's name but am unaware if there are other local options in the area. Krav Maga is all about immediate fight-ending self-defense, not sparring for trophies. It is the real deal.

    Hope this helps
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    Quote Originally Posted by dmattcrow View Post
    Gracie united bjj. Jiu jitsu is the way to go. We have 13 yr old girls been training since they were 5 that can take a grown man.

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    7 years of training through the most formative years of their life. They surely can take a grown untrained man in jiu jitsu. What happens the first time they go for the take down, and get puched in the face?

    I train BJJ, and love the art. It is not the last line of defense, or even the perfect art for any and every situation. Jiu jitsu is first and foremost, as it is trained today an art for sport, with many rules. Jiu Jitsu vs Jiu Jitsu experience wins every time over strength.

    I am not trying to take anything away from any art. I am just saying to approach them for what they are, and be able to recognize the strengths, and weaknesses in them. Don't buy into the hype.

    I can honestly come up with hundreds of scenarios where Jiu Jitsu would not be the best choice in a confrontation in the real world. Especially in that most schools do not teach the self defense version of the art, and focus more on the sport.

    Plus I cannot remember the last 1v1 street fight I saw.
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