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    Springfield SAR-8 Question

    Any SAR-8 or similar experts on here? I have an SAR-8 Sportster made in Greece. It is not an overstamp. It has a serial number below 10000. From what I could find, rifles with serial numbers below 10000 have threads underneath the muzzle device. The muzzle device does not appear to be pinned from what I can tell. It looks like it may be able to be unscrewed. I haven't tried because I'd like to get some more info first. I have a Dead Air Sandman S in NFA jail right now. My goal would be to put on a Dead Air flash hider so I can shoot it suppressed. Also, does any one know if this rifle would be subject to 922r compliance? If so, would that change if I pinned the flash hider? I bought it used so I don't know what parts are US parts. What are my options as for pistol grip and butt stock as opposed to a thumbhole stock? I'd like to at least attempt to be legal.

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    Should just unscrew counter clockwise. No need to remove the spring clip as it is just a safety measure to prevent it turning once tight. Pinned on hiders don't have the clip.
    You might need a little elbow grease the first time but can be reinstalled hand tight.
    I'm pretty sure the threads are M15x1 RH
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    Thank you. I didn't want to use some elbow grease if that would mess things up.

    I called Springfield Armory today. It was manufactured in Greece in July 1994 and imported the same month with a thumb hole stock. I think I should take it apart and try to count the US parts. When I bought it, it was not in its original configuration. The customer service agent at Springfield offered to move my question to someone who may be more knowledgeable regarding the muzzle devices so I sent them the pictures. She said they would let me know if they find out anything. So I'll be waiting.

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