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    Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited

    Just picked up a Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited in 45LC with a octagon 24 inch barrel Tried to look up the rifle can't find anything about the 24 inch version lots of info about the 20 inch one. does anyone know anything about this rifle I did find the date it was made but that is it. Thanks in advance for your helpAttachment 79277Attachment 79278Attachment 79279 here are a few quick pics If I was to sell it ?
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    I have the same rifle and it’s one of my favorites
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    check out forums for more information.

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    Is it a Davidson’s limited?

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    Thanks for the information

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    Just an aside about names and marketing - "Cowboy" like "Cavalry" should infer a carbine with a 16-20" barrel, IMHO, so that the scabbard or barrel doesn't get in the way of mounting or riding through brush, and so the rifle is easily pulled out while still mounted.

    OK, back to the regularly scheduled on-topic discussion.
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    Hey Just Quoting what is printed on the barrel thinking of selling it.

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    I thought the 1894 was a 44 Mag, and the 1895 was a 45 Colt

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    1895 is the 45-70 or the 444 the big bore guns I could be corrected I will have to check the Marlin site

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    Have always wanted a marlin cowboy in .45colt.

    Lets see some pics for those of us who drool over these rifles.
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