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    Selling my 9mm MP5 / HK94 clone. Coharie CA94 with upgrades. $1,400

    SOLD SOLD SOLD! Thanks for the interest, folks.

    NOTE: I reside in Texas but have been traveling to Baton Rouge a lot lately. I will be happy to let you inspect the rifle in person but ALL APPLICABLE LAWS MUST BE FOLLOWED regarding sale and transfer of a long gun.

    PRICE: $1,400. Lowballs ignored. Feel free to justify lower price with proof (links, auctions, etc.)
    PICTURES: See below. Additional photos at (redacted)
    CONTACT: PM first, then phone
    LOCATION: DFW, TX but travel often through LA to BR

    With all that mess out of the way...

    ATTENTION John McClane and Al "you son of a b*tch" Dillon fans!

    I'm selling my Coharie Arms CA94 9mm Rifle. This is a nearly exact HK94 replica but is much easier to SBR with its 8.9-inch barrel & tri-lug end. This is my personal rifle that I've owned since it was new (purchased years ago from an OPSO deputy). Retractable stocks fit nicely on this rifle.

    This particular rifle is a well-built MP5 HK94 clone. To ensure reliability and function, I've replaced the original Coharie parts with high-quality pieces from
    Genuine HK clipped/pinned SEF lower ($130)
    POF steel cocking tube ($69)
    POF extractor & spring ($33)
    POF ejector lever ($28)
    USA trigger box ($50)
    USA trigger, hammer, & sear ($78)

    Comes with all original parts, three 30-rd magazines, cardboard box, and manual. DOES NOT COME WITH SLING.

    It's my understanding that for some reason it's against policy to post links to outside auctions so I am NOT posting any auction link I may have for this item.
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    In BR tonight and tomorrow until Noon in case anyone wants to check it out.

    Will also return next weekend.

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    Is this still available?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nps_ranger74 View Post
    Is this still available?
    Possibly. Working a deal right now but it's not 100% yet. I can let you know after this weekend.

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