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    Mossberg 500/590/930 tacticalish

    Looking for a decent used mossy For a reasonable price. Looking for something with a 18 or 20 inch bbl. 5-8 round capacity.

    Trying here before I buy online.

    IM me with what you have.

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    Had a couple leads that went silent... so, ttt

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    I have a Mossburg 500 in 20 Guage. Pistol grip 18 inch. Sell it for $300. Let me know.
    Double action and decocker to left of hammer. Has new Meprolight night sights and new trigger spring. I bought it from a surgeon in Covington. Really take n care of.. It is like New. Sorry I am late answering you. I had to travel to Natchez. I'll be home tomorrow.

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    Sorry frogman I missed your reply. Looking for a 12 for now.


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    Whats the budget? I have a "tacticool" mossberg 500 with knoxx recoil reducing stock and breacher brake, and I have a mossberg maverick 88 with 18 inch barrel.

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    Bump. I have a Glock 43 I’d consider trading for the right shotgun. Maybe a mossberg 930.

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