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Thread: Ruger charger

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    Ruger charger

    So I just finished my charger. I waited for the copper custom brace adaptor and installed a pistol brace. Can't wait to go shoot it now.

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    Sorry not sure how to post a picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomnjenn05 View Post
    Sorry not sure how to post a picture.
    Hit reply to the thread then type what ya want. Even just just .
    Then Click "Go Advanced"
    Then Click "Manage Attachments"
    Then Click "Add Files"
    When done Click "Done" and Submit reply

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    This is a gun I’ve been interested in but I want to see it in person somewhere before buying it.

    Interested to see how it’ll shoot.

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    Get a can for it if you dont have one! So addictive!
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    Wish they would offer this in 9mm with a brace

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    It's a neat little gun, I've got one sitting on my desk right now for an upcoming project.

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