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    !!! In Need of Hunting Club/Lease ASAP !!!

    I know itís a little late in the year, UT letís just say previous arrangements did not work out. My son is old enough this year to get out there with me and get started hunting. Iím in search of a club or lease within an hour of the north shore. Iíd prefer it to have club astands but thatís not required. Also must include wife and kids.

    Iím only posting here because at this point Iím desperate. I need something very soon so that I can get it ready. I have contacted north shore hunting club and camp villerie and those are two options right now. I donít think camp villerie is good for me and just wanting to see what else is out there before i Join north shore. Nothing wrong with it that I can tell just very new and I would really like a club with a good environment.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Some club was looking for members on Sportsman Classifieds this week. Check there

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    Go check
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    I used to live in madisonville and there were a couple around there. There was one closer to bedico up hwy 22 around the guste islands area that backed up to my families house. I set up a trail camera and had 30-40 puctures a day of lots of does and some really nice bucks. Then there was one in bedico down traino road I believe it’s called bedico creek hunting club. There are several in bedico though if you talk to some people I’m sure you can find out more names. Also there is a hunting club in mandeville off the last exit if you’re going towards Slidell off the interstate, my buddy used to belong to that club I’ll give him a call later and see if I can get the name of it for you. One more suggestion would be honey island WMA. Yes it’s public land but don’t let that turn you away most hunters do not travel more than 100 yards off the main trails. I’ve been there tons of times and seen deer and hogs ever single trip. I’ve moved to Zachary since then but I’d be willing to show you all my old spots I had luck at if you’d like.

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