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    Big revolver recommendations

    Got an wilderness elk hunt coming up and Im trying to decide on which revolver will keep the bears from coming in the tent. I am planning on packing around in a holster.

    Which caliber and size?
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    44 Mag can and has killed everything in North America

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    I'd also take a .44 magnum over anything else.

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    If the bear gets in the tent, you're ****ed. Best to keep anything the bear may want very far from the tent in a bear bag. Aside from that, a .44 mag wouldn't be the worst choice you could keep with you. Personally, I'd prefer something like a AR-10 with a 30 rd mag, and all of my buddies having the same thing, but that's just me.
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    I am going to agree with Austin here 44mag and 30 cal rifle

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    The 44 magnum revolver is a great gun. If you want something in a semi-auto check out the 460 Rowland, also a great gun. If you want something even bigger check out a 454 Casull. The 460 Rowland will be the lightest of the 3 and on a 1911 frame there are many different holsters available to suit your preference. Good luck hunting.

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    I'm partial to guns in caliber .45 and would likely choose a Ruger Alaskan in .454 Casull.

    If weight is a concern, a light weight .44 mag would be a good choice. S&W would be the one to get.
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    My #1 right now would be a 460 s&w because of the versatility. Being able to shoot 45LC, 454, & 460 is pretty cool. Only problem is I handled one with an 8* barrel and it was HEAVY. Would going to a shorter barrel to reduce weight and easier drawing make the recoil too great to easily handle?
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    Depends on the bear. If you're hunting from NW Wy through western MT and might encounter Griz, I'd use the S&W 629 4" or 5". If elsewhere in the US, you're in black bear range and the 629 is good, or the S&W 686 w/ 4" or 5" bbl is adequate, lighter and more versatile with the .38spl option.
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    I'd use The Judge, 1st shot of #8 in the eyes to blind em,The rest loaded with 45 colt.
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