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    The CMP is government chartered. It is a basically a federally sponsored program for marksmanship and weapons training in the US. Sooooo, to take you into the history realm, just prior to the turn of the 20th century saw a large number of world powers getting their rear ends kicked all over the globe. Specifically the British, specifically between the Zulu War and the Boer Wars. During this time, England granted a Royal (read formal recognition) chart to the British NRA in england to promote firearms training for average citizens. The reason is that during the last 30 years of the 1800's the english were throwing boys into service many of which had never picked up a gun much less fired one, and as you can imagine that did not work out well overseas. Couple that with formal British Regimental style tactics against what were considered at the time "unconventional adversaries" and you have a recipe for disaster.
    So the formal chartering of the BNRA established ranges and allotted rifles for "fun". there were shooting competitions, training seminars, all types of formal meet and greet shooting events. This formalization occurred in 1890 for the brits.

    The US saw this and recognized that they too may have a need to call up boys and men to service so in 1903, Congress chartered our CMP. This did the same things as stated above for us. I don't think ours was ever instrumental as we have had engagements through out our history and guns have more or less been a tenement of our american society, but never the less that was the CMP.

    Nowadays the mission I think has changed to training, range chartering and government direct to public sales. Hope that helps explain. I also actually have an original Martini Henry training rifle that shoots 22. Converted by Greene. Shoots literally lights out at everything I have pointed it at.

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    Picked it up Thursday!

    A 1945 Remington Rand frame & slide!
    Came with an Italian Mec-Gar mag, but the case the gun came in is sweet!

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