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    Baton Rouge (and area) Leather Worker?

    Hey guys,

    I have an antique desk chair that I love to use, but the leather seat is starting to really show its age. It's probably around a hundred years old, so it really doesn't owe me anything at this point.

    The seating surface is a piece of leather that's about 18" by 18". If I carefully remove the nails from the base of the chair I can remove the intact piece of leather, and I'm looking to have a local leather smith cut me a new piece. There's a piece of duck cotton cloth that goes under it and I've already sourced out a new piece of US made duck, so I just need the leather now. It looks to my untrained eye to be the same sort of thick leather that one might make the surface of a saddle with, but I'd like for someone more knowledgeable to look at it so we can match it as closely as possible.

    I'll appreciate recommendations for any local leather workers.

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    I’m a rookie leather worker but if it’s a square of leather you need you prolly can order a piece that has not been dyed or has been and then cut it to fit. Just measure the thickness of the leather and then you can order the appropriate leather. Feel free to contact me at 225-978-2403 and I’ll be glad to help you find what you need.

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