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Thread: wet forming

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    wet forming

    I bought a leather holster and it worked great.....for the first few weeks. Now it's loose and won't retain my gun (it's a Bersa HC Pro, great gun just hard to find accessories for). I've read about wet forming or bone forming leather holsters and it looks easy enough. Will this work on a holster that is already finished and sealed? Can it be done multiple times? Thanks for any info.

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    It will still wet form and it can be done multiple times but I would do it differently. I would add rivets to tighten it up. It really depends on how the holster is constructed as to where the rivets would be added and what type of rivet would be used.

    Wet forming is really used to form a holster that you're building and not something you would do after the holster is completed

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    That's what I was afraid of. Thanks for the info.

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    If you do try it put the gun in a ziplock first. The dye from the leather will get all over your gun otherwise. I'd try it... and if not add rivets or a few stitches next.
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    You can re-form any leather holster regardless of if it has been sewed or riveted ect. You will ofcourse have to reseal it in order to protect from elements and sweat later I've done it for old holsters that people wanted refinished, heirlooms mostly or just bad leather work from the beginning.

    Soak the holster in hot water until pliable you can heat it up on stove or even just hot water from faucet will work. Take this time to wrap gun in plastic ( assuming you dont have blue mold gun) such as saran wrap tightly and multiple times forming to general shape of gun ensuring water doesnt get to gun.

    Once leather is pliable with hands and you can bend holster and shape easily put gun inside of it and form and shape leather pushing water out ect you can even go as far to use heat gun or blow dryer at this stage to help move along shaping. Once it starts to dry holster will keep shape

    If you notice there are gaps between stitching and glued parts of holster from original maker you can go as far to add stitches while wet or more contact cement glue before or after forming again just make sure its dry before soaking in water. There are local leather stores like tandy leather and even some walmarts carry leather dye and sealing /curing supplies. You can youtube leather stitching but a good two needle or saddle stitch will work for tightening certain areas or a well placed rivet.
    Goodluck bro and if you dont feel like doing any of this just buy a new holster its usually easier and cheaper if you have zero experience with leather working.

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