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Thread: wet forming

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    wet forming

    I bought a leather holster and it worked great.....for the first few weeks. Now it's loose and won't retain my gun (it's a Bersa HC Pro, great gun just hard to find accessories for). I've read about wet forming or bone forming leather holsters and it looks easy enough. Will this work on a holster that is already finished and sealed? Can it be done multiple times? Thanks for any info.

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    It will still wet form and it can be done multiple times but I would do it differently. I would add rivets to tighten it up. It really depends on how the holster is constructed as to where the rivets would be added and what type of rivet would be used.

    Wet forming is really used to form a holster that you're building and not something you would do after the holster is completed

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    That's what I was afraid of. Thanks for the info.

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    If you do try it put the gun in a ziplock first. The dye from the leather will get all over your gun otherwise. I'd try it... and if not add rivets or a few stitches next.
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