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    Angry Well if this doesn't give you the reddazz

    Well I was late sending for my 5th renewal, mine expired Oct. 17th. I never got the renewal notice in the mail so had to get busy, got an instructor and completed everything. Went online and submitted everything on Oct. 3rd, two weeks before expiring. Received the two emails, one with id and pin and the other saying submitted. Then waited to get the email with the link to pay. Tick, tick, tick the days go by. Instructor said was taking 3 months or longer to get it so I waited. Today I decided i would do a check on it, so went online and put permit number in to see status. It popped up, "waiting on Payment". WTF?? So I called to see what was up. The nice lady told me the payment link email was sent on the morning Oct 9th around 10am. Another WTF. I told her it never came to me, she said did I check the spam folder and my answer was yes, I had been checking both every day. She said ok and sent the link to me while on the phone and said put id at end of the address and that would be link to pay. All said and done. My expiration is not really a problem as I don't get out much due to my health, but something went south. My email is a gmail address and the first two emails came to me so can't figure what happened to this one.
    So if any are waiting like me, make sure you go online and put your permit number in to check status. The email could go to neverland and you be waiting to pay like I was. My last renewal was mailed in(2013) and took 41 days to my mailbox, and seems if I had received this email it would have beat that time as she told me it won't take long now after paying.
    Just a little info for others out there in the process of renewal.
    "No man shall never be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government"--Thomas Jefferson, June 1776.

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    When I first applied online, I went to local Sheriff's office to get fingerprinted, and mailed them in manually. Waited a couple of months, got the acceptance link, paid the fee for a background check, and waited. And waited. And waited. When my wife insisted I call to check, I realized it had been one year, to the day, since I first submitted the application. On the phone, the lady looked up my info and said "Oh. Yeah. It's all here, and looks good. I can approve this now and you'll have your permit within a week." And so she did, and I had the permit the next week.

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    tactical hangover

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    Anything with gvmt involved it pays to be your own advocate.. however that looks, calls, emails,written letters, persistence..

    perfect example why

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