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    All or nothing

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    PA47 vs RAS47 vs Riley Defense

    This is the one my eldest son recently bought. I’ve handled it and shot it enough to want one. Not 100% certain about parts compatibility but it appears to be close to standard for furniture fit at the least. I found the entire package to be good quality. Better metal work and finish than most eastern bloc and Chinese variants that I’ve owned or handled. On par with the ruskies I bought in the old days. Seems just a tad heavier than most, but shoots smooth as butter and I found it to be accurate with a very decent trigger. Mag swap was solid with the steel mags he had. We shot S&B steel cased about 4 mags of old Russian surplus and about 300 rounds of RedArmy without any drama. I didn’t shoot any of the guns I brought that day...
    I see one in my future. They also offer one in traditional looking furniture for $550.

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    Look up akoperatorsunion on YT rob ski is doing a 5k test on the new PSA ak gen 3 that uses forged parts. He is 1k in and seems to think psa will have the ak market if it holds up. Say what you want about PSA but the are constantly improving their ak rifles based on customer feed back

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    Redneck with a gun!

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    They all fail at some point. This is an excellent thread. The mighty WASR came out on top.
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    I have shot the RAS47 and love it. PSA actually has stepped up alot since they purchased DDI not to long ago. Not sure if anyone has shot or owned a DDI but they were the brand name of AKs which was higher end quality for a hair more than a RAS. You honestly cant go wrong with either of the 3 choices. I like Rileys because I am a big fan of the quad rail, which they offer on a few of of their AKs.

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    Sic semper tyrannis

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    Pm sent.
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    Honest answer is none of those have been proven. I would stay away from RAS for sure, Iím sure they shoot well but testing has shown consistent problems with usage. Stay away from the VSKA (newer model of RAS). Riley and PSA seem to have solid customer service and are moving the American made AK in a positive direction thus far, but time will tell.

    Personally I own a WASR and VEPR.

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