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    Quote Originally Posted by Deacon View Post
    I am surprised at how many Bayou Shooter members are submissive, or outright supporting this law. Just saying. And if that comment doesn't apply to you, please don't take offense. If it does apply, , I'm not saying it to offend. Just an observation
    I think supporting the law/being submissive and observing the law are two different things. I for one think that the law is absolutely ridiculous. Would I be willing to put myself or others in harm over my disagreement? Absolutely not. But going through the legal/proper channels to oppose it is a completely different story.

    I actually don't think I've seen anyone in this thread support the law. This forum usually leans very far right and I can't imagine any right-leaning individuals to support it. With that being said, I also can't see any intelligent people saying that literally wrestling over a gun with a bunch of cops is the right way to argue a point...
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    Quote Originally Posted by enigmedic View Post
    That's cool. When I was still active duty, I had the occasion to meet some celebrities, professional athletes, politicians, dignitaries, etc. When showing photo albums and asked who was the most memorable, I usually have 1 reply. By sheer chance I got to meet the father of Jacques Fontan, Navy SEAL killed on Turbine 33, the downed helo from Operation Red Wings. Jacques was a Louisiana native and quite a remarkable man.
    I always marvel when people say NBA players or the like should be held to a higher standard, or punished more severely, for their indiscretions because they are "role models." If a child was raised with the notion that throwing a ball further or running faster than the next guy makes someone a good person and a mentor, that poor kid didn't have a chance anyway. Our country is full of people who are true role models; who sacrificed much more, for much less money. Their names should be on bridges, public buildings, and in the public eye.
    9 pages of bitching back and forth like teenage girls and this is the only post worth reading.

    As far as the guy that was killed, the law is ridiculous and it sucks that he's dead.
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    Guy should not have reached for his gun. LEO should not have been enforcing unconstitutional orders. Lose lose for all involved while the politicians who sparked all this sit in the multi million dollar homes in gated communities protected by armed security.

    Sad thing is, what if the victim (dead guy) had little to no savings and did attempt to fight it in court? Do any of y’all think the wheels of justice would move well and swift without the proper lubrication of cold hard cash? If he couldn’t afford a lawyer and said judge told him to *f@£k off!* What recourse would he have other than to beg organizations (people with money and lawyers) to fight for him?

    It’s shame no matter which way you slice it, but I believe LEO need to reflect on the decision to enforce unconstitutional orders just like a citizen has to reflect on whether they will comply with an unconstitutional command.

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