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Thread: Sig Sauer SPEC1

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    Sig Sauer SPEC1

    Have seen a lot of folks asking about oil and grease for their firearms. I guess Sig listened and has come out with their new NEW PREMIUM COMPLETE CARE SYSTEM. A lot of money for a few dabs of product. Maybe the Sig snobs might buy it, but not me.
    After almost 50 years as an A&P mechanic, (aviation), this is what I use. This is what I trust.
    Oil: Castrol Transmax Z. Made for transmissions and gear boxes. Not engines. A little dab goes a long way
    Saw it once at O'Reilly's. Can find it on Amazon.
    Grease: AeroShell 33MS. It's black because it's full of moly. Again, a little dab goes a long way. Amazon.
    Both are synthetic. You will never even approach the temp and pressure limits of either one.
    Try this on any Sig P series pistol. Clear it, cock it, rack the slide. Some easy, some hard. Try the trigger. How does it feel? Strip it and clean it. All lube gone. Clean and dry. A dab of Z on things that rotate on pins. A dab of MS33 on everything else. Q-tip works. Pull fuzz off one end. Grease your rails, they like it. Back together. Close your eyes and function test again. Easy and hard. Notice a difference?
    A quart of oil and a tube of grease should last at least 10 years.

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    Yes, it’s expensive, and it’s actually Slip 2000 products, rebranded by Sig. S2K posted a pic online about the joking venture.

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    I have used regular atf for years... Given the tolerances and load on a firearm you could use just about anything oily and it will work.

    10 buck an ounce gun oil seems to be a bad deal. I have a lot of guns so I use alot of lube and cleaner.

    My buddy runs safari charlie dry film lube on this stuff and swears by it (he swears alot, especially when I mention Nancy and Chuck).

    It smells good, like oranges, atf smells like atf, and tastes bad.

    I have put atf in guns that were not working well, and they worked. They were dirty.
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