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    Mathews Switchback

    Want to sell my Mathews Switchback. It is 70 lbs and has a 29.5" draw length cam installed. I have a 29 inch cam that you can have if you need it. It comes with a Trophy Ridge drop away rest and 5 carbon express maxima red 350 arrows. It's a great bow that i have killed a bunch of deer with. $300.00 Please text or call 337 eight four two 77 6 5. THanks.
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    what grain tips are you shooting? how old are strings and cables? I've been considering getting another compound bow. This may make me do it. I know its a longshot, but has the bow been crono'd? ( Do you know how hard its shooting? I know FPS doesn't really matter but I"m still interested in knowing )
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    I typically shoot 125 gr. tips with this bow, but there is no reason why you couldn't shoot 100 gr. if you want. I put winners choice string and cables on the bow several years ago. They have a little life in them but not much. Maybe a season or two depending how much you shoot. I think i was getting about 280 fps when i bought the bow new.

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