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    Mossberg Shockwave / Remington Tac 14

    I know they have both been out for some time now but I am curious to know everyone’s feelings toward them. To me, would make a great truck gun to fit in a small compartment of the truck or such.

    Would like to know the opinions of others... Thsnks for the feedback!

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    Both very fun guns, I prefer the mossberg because of the one extra shell capacity but that can change with the tac-14 if you buy the extension. Also prefer the mossberg since that was the first shotgun platform that I learned on (mossberg 500). I'd say you cant go wrong with either models. I put the side saddle on both & it's good to go in my book.

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    I like the Mossbergs. Bought 2 of the 12ga for $269 ea and just got a 20 for the same price from PSA. Too bad nobody seems to make short 20ga shells and I don’t think there’s any Op-Sol adapters for 20ga either. I get 10 rounds in the 12ga.
    When I get the .410 I may just retire my snake charmer..
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    Black aces should be coming out with their semiauto version soon. I put 6 on preorder at the shop. Both wood and synth.
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    One thing I found out with the Mossberg with arm brace is the safety is hard to reach. I used it as a bedside gun with the chamber empty to remedy the issue. Also I recommend the XS big dot for the Mossberg to make the poa/poi better.

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    I have both, and have used them with and without arm braces. The birdshead grip is amazingly better to shoot than a std pistol grip shotty. My 73yr old dad was one hand blasting the tac14 and loving it. I have a side folding arm brace setup on the tac 14 (clone of Suarez intl idea) and it is very handy. I put a 1rd extension and Wilson dome head safety on it. Tang safety on the590 is not my favorite, the push button on the 500 or maverick 88 would be better. *70 has the best safety for 1 handed use. Mossberg is lighter thanks to the al receiver, but I don't find the 870 to be heavy. Some do not like the magpul forend on the tac14. Talon grips rubber grip tape helps a lot of the birdshead grip.
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