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    Imperial German Gew98


    Trimning down some more...

    This is a scrubbed imperial German Gew98... All clues point to being a WW1 Production gun but it has been scrubbed... there are the remnants of some imperial crown marks and an Amberg lion under the woodline... other than that there are no other marks besides "Gew98" and the serial. The bolt numbers do not match either.

    This rifle is reblued and the wood is in fantastic shape, the bore has very strong rifling but appears to be pitted ( I believe there is a form of adhesive there as I have cleaned it many times and more and more comes out and it gets better and better each time it) shoots very well none-the less... It comes with an old leather sling of unknown origin...

    I am just getting rid of it because I would rather one with intact markings... this makes a great shooter... There does not appear to be any Turkish Markings!!!!


    I can meet in NOLA and am often on the Northshore...

    (The rifle is so long its hard to get the whole thing in one photo lol)

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    Motorcycles and guns, how fun....

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    Motorcycles and guns, how fun....

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