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    Question ar-10 10.5'' pistol build

    im trying to make a ar-10 pistol can anyone know where i can find a easy checklist for all the parts ill need i already have a aero precision upper and lower stripped and a ben franklin armory bfs III trigger so other than these parts i need a little help with or any suggestions to make it work smoother would be nice thx.

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    Funny finished my 10.5" AR10 build... It's freaking loud, the brake also enhances the blast to 50bmg levels... Check out KAK industries for both their brace and their eco melonited 10.5" barrel like mine. I am using a Hogue free float tube and a Dpms brake. Currently running a cheap red dot as well. I got my BCG and CH from thunder tactical as they run great deals all the time.

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    ar-10 10.5'' pistol build

    Lower: lower parts kit minus fire control group.
    Pistol grip, pistol buffer tube, carbine buffer and buffer spring, castle nut and block off plate.

    Upper: dust cover, dust cover pin and C clip, forward assist with spring and roll pin.
    Barrel (10 inch carbine gas) carbine gas tube, gas block and roll pin. Either a free float handguard with supplied barrel nut or standard barrel nut and front cap, 2 piece handguards of choice. Crush washer and flash hider or muzzel device of choice.
    Bolt Carrier Group. Charging handle.

    It’s fun to build your own, but not always cheaper...

    I had just under $250 (shipping included) in the upper shown ready to shoot, bought a $60 handguard and $20 gas block/tube combo and for $330 wound up with a nice upper. I’ll prolly mount one of the $50 TRS 25 red dots I have stored on a mini riser mount and call it done. I only have one pistol lower that I share uppers on so I’ll pass on that ready lower deal, although it comes with a polished nickel coated trigger (equivalent to the ALG trigger) and a nice arm brace. A lot of pistol lower for the money.
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