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    Spikes crusader ar15 24k gold

    Just looking to see what I would be offered had it for a while so I don't care if I loose a bit I have a fancy ar15 spikes crusader up for trade all the small parts are actual 24k gold plated I haven't shot it just thought it's to pretty to shoot just seeing what I can get for a trade estimated Price $2200 holsun sight is mine the vortex 3x would go with it would consider straight cash but u would have to catch me on a good day. Cell Number3372461285 15441535224428706690935211982121.jpg15441534774634121077280218269987.jpg15441535501582215461531954941417.jpg1544153576370111195600559792738.jpg15441536064983462925413936807073.jpg1544153637075469686157060314584.jpg
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    What's the story on this one? Who built it? One of a kind?
    Someone please talk me out of buying this...
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    Naw I got a cheap phone and I do agree it looks horrible because of the pic the camera makes it look really yellow it's a hell of a lot better looking in person I just with I had a better phone to do it justice

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    The cerakote is a one of a kind job and the gold plating is too done by Cypress arms if I remember correctly I don't remember if it was a custom built gun or a Stock gun with the stock replace with wood but I can say it is very nice in person I wish I still had his photos of it they were so beautiful also I don't know to much about spikes guns but the bolt is a fail zero and the break is too

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