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    Who shoots at Nicks or Honey Island?

    Just wondering who are regulars at them.

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    I shoot at Nicks

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    Honey Island Range Ofcr.

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    I'm a range officer at Honey Island.

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    I'm a regular at Nick's. Not so much during this time of the year.
    I will be making more trips to out there around the middle of January when Nick starts his pistol matches up again. Will be out there most Sunday and every other Thursday.

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    I shoot at Nick's all the time. Easy to get to from Hammond where I am.

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    What are the details on the shooting matches at nick's? I shoot plate matches at sbisc but they are only on Fridays
    I go to honey island every now and then but sbisc is my go to

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    Nick's Matches started last Sunday. They are held at 8:30 am on Sunday and 6 pm on Thursday. Usually 5-6 stages per match that is all PAR timed. 12 rotating matches that progress from easy to harder. Limited and Open divisions, Master, A, B, C, classes. There is a yearly championship match at the end of September and you have to shoot at least 18 matches to qualify. Great for ordinary people to learn the skill needed if they need to use their weapon for self defense. Targets are all Nick's designed and are in white, red, and black with the scoring zones marked. Each match consist of 60 rounds and possible 600 points. You need at least 3 magazines for some of the reloading stages. Beginners start in the ready position, higher classes draw from holster. Hope this helps.
    PS they normally shoot 5 lanes at a time, everyone helps with taping and scoring.
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    I shoot the matches at Nick's on Sunday mornings..

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    I'm at Honey Island just about every Sunday morning.
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    I shoot at Honey Island frequently and enjoy it. Very well maintained and ran. The RSOs there are great too. Looking at going to FTD though to start some long range shooting.

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