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    Best compound bow on a budget?

    I have been using a horton crossbow for years, but now i want to get in to the compound bow scene, SO...... what bows are quality, durable, and reliable? My father shoots and Hoyt, and my buddy shoots a BEAR, and my uncle shoots PSE. I've heard good and bad about bears, but i don't know much about the PSE and Hoyt. Granted, my father is on of those "to be the best you have to buy the best" kind of guys, so i will assume that a hoyt is an expensive lil booger.
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    Pse makes some of the best budget bows anywhere. Also some of the best top of the line bows. .

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    Lot of good deals on used compounds can be found and will give you the most bang for your buck. Like firearms, everyone has their opinion on best so I'd shoot as many as possible. Will say that after 20 years of shooting compounds, I got bored with how far from a stick and string they have come and wanted something more simple and traditional. Sold them all and haven't looked back. Only shoot recurves and longbows now and would highly recommend giving them a try as well.

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    Used Mathews!!! Get some great deals on already loaded out bows. Worst case you would have to spend $50’for a cam change for your draw length

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    +1 on PSE
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    I've bought all my bows on archerytalk. com. in the classifieds section. I'm about to buy another. This would make 5 bows now since 2008. For example I'm buying a bow with a msrp of $1049 from 2018. The seller is asking $475 for a brand new(2018 model) high end bow with factory warranty. Most sellers offer free shipping and some great deals can be found for some of the top names in archery. If you can wait until bow season is over the classifieds will be flooded. Lots of people buy the latest and greatest flagship bows from year to year and sell last years model.

    good luck

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    I've been running my Bowtech Assasin for several years now. It shoots hard, quiet and accurate. I've also used diamond. No complaints....

    PSE, Diamond, Bowtech, Bear, etc... All good,bows. Mainly a matter of what fits you best..
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    I'm late to the party, but last year I was a complete newbie to archery. I bought a Bear Cruzer II, and as best I can tell, I haven't exceeded the bows abilities yet. It may not be the quietest in the woods, but I'm not good at judging things like that. I will say I had a deer duck an arrow last year, but she was already a little spooky before the arrow flew.

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    I would think a cheap one would fit the bill.
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