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    Gun Safe Lites? What Ya Got?

    I have some 1.5" x 24" long fluorescent strips one on the inside above the door. and one under the edge of the shelf. Both have a power on and off manual switch.
    One has now seen better days. So looking at LED since I have power inside it.
    Maybe, I should tell my wife the safe is no longer useable! To small in size and lights are broken so we have to move it to the spare room. And get a larger one with working lights? All kidding aside what did you guys use led wise?
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    Led light tape from Amazon. It's got an adhesive backing. Also a motion sensor that turns them on for cool factor.

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    Tape light as well. I have some sort of lever switch so when door opens lights turn on. Also have the system running off a battery box because I donít have power nearby. Ran lights all the way down each side facing toward guns and 2 sticks under each shelf. I found the idea somewhere on the Internet several years back. Also used the same lights to light up the bed of my truck. Works well and pretty cheap for a reel of the tape lights.

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    I use a cheapo led flood flashlight with magnetic base. Stuck it to the front wall against the top over the door. Just a push button on/off. But uses 3 AAA batteries and has been on the same set for two years now.
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    I have these LEDs from Amazon. Its the motion sensored by torchstar. Theyre awesome.
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    I've been really happy with the MaxMySafe kit. You can use the manual switch, a door switch, and I believe they have a motion detector option.

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    You have room for lights in your safe?
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    1911 cool-aid drinker

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    Headlight from Lowes

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    I also use max my safe lights, love it!

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    I installed some led rope lights and a WiFi switch

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