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    Mine has lights built into it. When the door opens they turn on, and when the door shuts they turn off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drummy View Post
    I've been really happy with the MaxMySafe kit. You can use the manual switch, a door switch, and I believe they have a motion detector option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warhammerhead87 View Post
    Mine has lights built into it. When the door opens they turn on, and when the door shuts they turn off.
    Ok, that's one for a new safe.

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    White LED Christmas lights with a wifi switch. Cheap, illuminating, and festive!

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    I guess having lights in the safe would make it into a really cool refrigerator.
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    Until I run power to the location where I have my safe, I have a velcro backed LED light switch light. $5 from Harbor Freight.

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    No fixed lights in either safe but I do wind up with either a flashlight or a magnetic led in there when I open one up, which ain’t very often.
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    Same lights as RCM. They have a sensor but it goes off after a minute and I have to wave my hand again. Not a big deal, just slightly annoying when I'm looking in the back of the safe. I'm thinking of just taking the sensor out and leaving the lights on all the time, which gives about 5 watts of heating
    The Harbor Freight light is on sale for $2.99, which seems like a really good deal!

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    Effective, inexpensive light
    I've had this setup for approx 18 months. I enter safe daily. Have not had any problems with this setup.
    I ordered and did not use the suggested push pins so you don't need to order pushpins.

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    I went cheap and easy in my old safe that didn't come with lights. I got two of those stick on led lights from walmart that look like a light switch/cover. They work well and was less than 20 bucks for two.
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