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    I laughed so hard

    Had to put a battery power 4wheeler togather tonight for my grandson. One I got it finished I did a function test. Pushed all the buttons ect. All radio presets were factory set to country music channels. And the forward and reverse button really cracked me up.
    I cant believe it says " GOAHEAD "
    Did rednecks design this?

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    Reminds me of something Goerge Barris would have made.
    In the movie, he had Go and Go-Go

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    ‘Mone back
    Contrary to popular belief, a head shot is not necessarily a guaranteed kill shot....but it sure does take the fight out of 'em.

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    Make my day.
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    LOL, awesome!

    Get worried if it has a "Hold My Beer" section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred_G View Post
    LOL, awesome!

    Get worried if it has a "Hold My Beer" section.

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    That thing is cool
    I get all my news from Fox and Bayoushooter

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