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    I almost never leave a gun in the car, it's always on me or in a safe at home. BUT when I do need to, I have a small "safe" that has a cable that tethers to something (like a seat frame). Won't prevent someone from breaking into my car, but will make it harder for a smash and grab.

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    Sending it to the media might get the guy ID'ed and might get your stuff back, but it also might be played out to a different motive.

    One of the new hot trends in anti-gun politics is to blame legal gun owners for increasing the amount of guns in criminal hands by "allowing" the guns to be stolen from cars. If there is an investigative reporter in your market who is not likely anti-gun. give it a try.

    BTW - good on Perez for the enhancement. I used to do that kind of work and appreciate what goes into it.
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