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    Prairieville, LA

    I was directed here by a relative who said THIS was the place to find/shop for what I want. Hoping he was right.

    I'm a little old to be starting out (56), but have had a concealed carry permit for almost 2 years (what a STORY*), carry a Glock 26 daily (only place I don't carry is work - where it's not allowed - and places prohibited by law, and the gym, but I'm looking for a holster/method I can use with gym shorts).

    I've also just recently started learning to hunt (squirrels) using a couple of old guns I inherited from my dad. A late 40s era Remington model 31 12-gauge shotgun (kicks like a mule). Later I'll be trying out the 1952 Marlin .22 he gave me. My first hunt I took two squirrels (with 2 shots) using the shotgun. All I need now is for deer season to end so I can safely go back and find some more of those varmints for making gumbo and sauce piquant!!

    *If you don't have a concealed carry permit yet, and you are applying in Louisiana, don't do what I did. Go directly to the State Police office and have them take your fingerprints electronically. Hopefully then you won't have to wait an entire year to get your permit! After taking the required training, I filled out the on-line application (for myself and my wife) and submitted it. Then went to the local Sheriff's office to get fingerprinted. They took the prints, and gave ME the card to fill out and send in!! (YES - they gave me the paper card, without my name on it, and told me to fill it in!!) I did that. Should have gone to the State Police office to get electronically printed.

    A few months later I was notified that the application had been accepted and I could submit the full fee to begin the background check. Wait, what? I thought that's what the application fee was for! Oh, well. Okay. Several months later, my wife told me to call and check on the application. I was hesitant because the State Police website clearly stated they were backed up, but I called anyway. 30 minutes on hold. While waiting on hold, I realized it had been exactly one year since I submitted the initial application. When the lady finally answered the phone, as politely as I could, I asked if she could just check to be sure my application was still in the system - I knew they were backed up, but can you just look to be sure it's not lost. So she asked for my identifying info, looked it up, and said "Oh. Yeah. It's here. And it looks like it's all in order. I can approve it now and send you the permit." Had my permit the next week!!

    Others have told me when they went to the State Police office to get electronically printed, they had their permit within a couple of weeks.!!

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    Welcome from northwest Louisiana! Glad you finally got your permit!

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    La. CHP Instructor #409

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    Welcome aboard.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    To answer you question or inquiry about concealed carry with gym shorts, Normally a single stack (lighter) sub compact work best for that due to the lighter weight on the waistband of the gym shorts. A good draw string is a must, and with good tension.
    When holster customers ask me about a holster that they can carry without a belt (I.e. gym shorts), I suggest a IWB holster with an UltiClip. That clip is designed to lock on the fabric securely.
    If you can not find the right holster out there, Id me more than help to help.
    SCK Holsters

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    Take a Card. Any Card.

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    Welcome from Breaux Bridge !

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    Welcome from S/W La. young man. My gym carry is a short barrel NAA .22 mag---hardly even notice it

    is in the pocket---switch back to EDC when I get dressed to leave. Happy New Year!!!

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    Nice. Thank you.

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    Welcome to Bayou Shooter


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    Welcome glad to have you with us.

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