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    What Unique/Crazy Gun Have You Owned?

    I wasn't sure how to word the question but what was or is the craziest or weirdest you've owned?

    Looking some things up yesterday I was reminded about a pistol I acquired back in the 80's that I had and sold?
    It was an HK VP70Z. One in the chamber and 18 in the magazine. I think it was the highest capacity pistol of the time back then. That thing looked like it belonged in a space movie. Below is what it looked like.

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    Webley-Fosbery Automatic Revolver, .455 old boy! Approximately 4,750 made, this is the 7 1/2" target model, rare among the rare!
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    A couple HK P7

    I also had a COP 357.

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    Was that COP .357 like a derringer?
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    30 carbine paratrooper stock. Wish I still had it.

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    On Target

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    I forgot what it was

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry J View Post
    30 carbine paratrooper stock. Wish I still had it.
    Yeah, Those fetch a pretty penny nowdays!
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    Voere Model 2005 nothing like a semi-auto open bolt 22.
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    Remington X-100 bolt action in 221 fireball

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    My AK arm pistol.Never seen another one.Many "old timers of BS" have shot it back when we would meet up at the BZ.
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