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    Winchester Gun Safe

    The local tractor supply has a Winchester 24 gun safe for $50 but has no keypad and is locked . Ideally the purchase of a new keypad would open it, but if that did not what are some options? I know a locksmith could drill it but at that point the cost probably would not be worth it ? Any ideas?

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    A call to the manufacturer/importer may be able to tell you if a key could had from them. Serial number prolly required.

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    When you say no keypad, do you mean there's a dial/combination lock? Many combination locks are set to factory standard 50-25-50.

    Good recommendation above to contact the manufacturer about it. Another suggestion might be to use a grinder with a cutting blade to cut an appropriate sized square out of the back of the safe, open it from inside, then weld a plate over the hole.
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    Usually a safe with key pad access also has a key that can be used under the key pad to gain access if the combination is lost or forgotten. Maybe contact the manufacturer to see if a key can be obtained?

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