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    New to the forum, just signed up today. Hey everyone, I'm M.C.

    I came across this forum while searching places to sell firearms in Louisiana.

    I'm an avid firearms enthusiast with a concealed carry license that's living up in Shreveport, LA. Grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and have been in Louisiana the last ten years of my life. I love it down here and the firearms community has been awesome to me. My favorite spot to shoot here is of course private land owned by friends, but the shooting range I frequent most is the Bodcau range about 45 mins from Shreveport.

    I shoot mostly 9mm, 45ACP, .223/5.56, and 300BLK. I reload 300BLK because I like money in my wallet.

    I've built two AR-15's and own 3 total. I celebrate two-stamp tuesdays regularly with a 7.62 suppressor on a 300BLK AR-15 I custom built with an 8" barrel.

    Also have 2 Mosin Nagants, a Nagant Revolver, 3 Glocks, a Springfield Range Officer, and a Mossberg Shotgun.

    I'm a musician, business owner, photographer, videographer, licensed drone pilot, ordained minister, and all around pretty chill guy.

    That's about it, hope everyone's having a good weekend so far. Stay safe out there!
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    Welcome. Glad to have you

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    La. CHP Instructor #409

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    Welcome aboard.

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    Welcome to Bayou Shooter


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    Take a Card. Any Card.

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    Welcome from Breaux Bridge !

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    Welcome from Mississippi

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