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Thread: Need Rabbits

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    Did your area flood in 2016? if so, the population may take awhile to come back naturally. If you didn't flood, you probably have wild rabbits around, but just never see them. If you have good feed and cover available during ALL seasons, and you or your neighbors don't let housecats outside ever, the rabbits will do ok against the natural predators.

    This is not the time of year to buy or release rabbits for stocking. You'll want to wait for at least late spring and want free-ranging rabbits from field trail grounds. You don't want to buy pen-raised rabbits, as they will quickly die off. With only 15 acres, be advised that any rabbits you release will probably not stay on your property very long, unless you have a rabbit-proof fence. You also run the risk of bringing in new parasites or diseases to whatever wild rabbits are in your area.
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    I need some too. I’m moving to Montana. My wife will cook them for me.
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    The area did flood in 2016. I've only been here since last April. Tons of other animals but I have never ever seen a rabbit. I walk my dog almost everyday on the property. Lots of high bush and thickets for them.

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